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The Bachelor Mysteries: Free Chapter from Book 2

Production continues for my sequel book, and I’m pleased with the progress of my editing process.
I’ve previously released Chapter 5: Grandfathers and now I’m announcing the pre-release of Chapter 7.
I am looking for a kick-ass cover artist and hope to reveal my cover soon after I select the art.
But, it’s been a couple of months, and I’ve decided to whet the whistles of my readers and pre-release another chapter.

This is chapter seven from Maiden of Maidens, titled “The Bachelor Mysteries.”
In this chapter, Arthur has traveled out to the countryside, hunting for Stymphalian Birds, only to be kidnapped by Hermes and Dionysus, for his bachelor party.
I’ve selected this chapter because it is a pivotal chapter in the new book.

Download your copy here:
Bachelor Mysteries