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Phoebe’s Favorite Music

As you may have noticed from Arthur’s Favorites, the moon god has quite a dark taste to his music. That is not the case with Phoebe.
So, for your viewing and listening pleasure, Phoebe Thomas’s favorite music!


Note: all of these songs belong to the original copyright holders.  Reposted here out of love of music and a desire for readers to understand

Unlike her brother, who has favorite ‘bands,’ Phoebe is much more into songs and styles, acoustic especially.

Here area few songs Phoebe loves:




July 20, 1969

Today, Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

That’s right, you can stop laughing.
Those silly mortals decided to go to the moon, and named the mission to go there after the wrong god.



I watched today with my wife and son.

“Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.”

I held my breath.
And remembered words once whispered by the real Apollo:

After Strong-armed Zeus speaks to the Earth
Sun and Moon confused in birth...
He couldn’t remember the rest. Why would Zeus Speak to earth?

But it clicked. Niel ARMSTRONG, from the Eagle, the bird of my spiritual father.

It would not surprise me if Mr. Armstrong was Divine-blooded.

And I know now that the Twins are returning, though I’m clueless as to when and where.
But there is going to be something about the twins. .