Mandy Oviatt: Author

Nectar and Ambrosia

In Classical Greek Mythology, Nectar and Ambrosia are the foods of the gods, granting longevity to mortals and immortality to the gods.

The preferred foods of the gods, they are used countless times in myths to aid and assist mortals.
Athena uses ambrosia to help Penelope appear younger in the Odyssey.

In Olisbeth’s world, Nectar and ambrosia take on specific forms for specific deities, relating to their myths and personal preferences.

The most obvious form is the Olive.


The olive is a fruit sacred to Athena, and thus, they are ambrosia to Olisbeth.
Phoebe, however, prefers a less natural form of Ambrosia. In the book, we call it OrangeePop, but another variation could be known as:


Phoebe’s favorite beverage has Nectar-like qualities bestowed upon it by the god of the Sun herself.

As to the nectar and ambrosia of other gods are…. I take a page from Robert Jordan..




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