Mandy Oviatt: Author

Church of the Holy Light: The Lotus Eaters

This Article will contain spoilers about Book One:


The Lotus-Eaters, often called the lotophagi, are characters within the Odyssey that lived on an island near North Africa.  This island was covered in the ‘lotus’ plant, whose leaves and fruits were a powerful narcotic, causing people who ingest it to walk around in an apathetic like state.

The story of the Lotus-Eaters is as follows:

Odysseus and his crew were caught in a mighty storm out at sea, and found themselves on the island of the Lotus-Eaters. He sent scouts out to check the island out, to see if it was an okay place to stay. It was gorgeous: covered in beautiful flowers. The natives fed Odysseus’s men their plant, and they forgot their mission, wanting to remain on the island. The lotus was like a drug, and he had to kidnap his men, dragging them back to his ship and causing them to go into detox to take them away from the island.

Modern Day Implications and the Highest Light: 

I want to be clear when I say that the Church of the Holy Light, despite having a great amount of Biblical imagery within their chapel, are NOT meant to reflect an anti-Christian attitude on the part of the author.

 In the first book, one of the major antagonistic forces in Olisbeth’s life is the Church of the Holy Light. They are meant to be modern-day lotus eaters. 

We live in a day where there are several MASSIVE large-population churches. Some of the “Big Churches” of today have more members than moderate sized communities from 200 years ago. MASSIVE church communities are all around us. 

There are also churches like the real-life, completely intolerant Church that Will Not Be Named (CTWNBN) that spread messages of Hate and Intolerance. If you were to combine the size of one of the massive mega-churches with the message of hate preached by the CTWNBN, you would find something menacing indeed.

There are many massive churches out there in our world that do good for their communities. They help the homeless, they feed the poor, they preach stories of tolerance and goodness.
But, when you combine messages of Hate and Intolerance, the power of the Lotus, and  have the church headed by a Titan out to destroy Olympus: yeah, you’d get a church much like the Church of the Holy Light.

I would also like to point out that it is highly possible that the Church of the Holy Light is using a Church-specific translation of the Bible, translated by the Queen of Bad Misdirections, Emma Lumen.


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